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Introducing OPI ProSpa

The Art of Nails offers OPI ProSpa

Did you know that we now offer OPI ProSpa manicure and pedicure treatments at all our salons? Yup! We all know that OPI is iconic when it comes to all things nails, so these new treatments are set to be a massive hit with our clients!

The new ProSpa range moves beyond just nails and offers full spa treatments for both hands and feet. This means that you now have the option to finish off a Mani or Pedi with a luxurious feeling (and looking) treatment for hands and feet - divine.

The range is inspired by facial skincare and has been perfected by dermatologists for hands and feet. With results showing visibly smoother and brighter skin in just one session, this is an absolute must-try!

"ProSpa takes the best attributes of facial skincare and incorporates them into products designed for hands and feet. Without proper care, these two areas of the body are prone to showing excessive age, as well as redness, dry, flaky skin, and chapping."

- Says world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Z. Gabriel, who partnered with the brand to develop the exclusive line.

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