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Christmas is almost here – don’t panic!

We’re in that time of year where our social life kicks into high gear. There are suddenly end of year events for you, your partner, kids, and friends, not to mention all the family and work obligations.

It goes without saying we need to save time where we can, or we’ll just end up a flustered mess.

We always think we’re going to have time to paint our nails but it’s usually down on the to-do list or last very last minute. If we do manage to find five minutes to get the vanish out ourselves, it’s often a hurried job that ends up smudging and transferring onto our fingers or our perfectly assembled outfit.

Your best plan is to make an online booking at any of our Salons. You can plan your treatment without running out of time and not stressing out at the last minute. You are also guaranteed to get fantastic results!

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

We have a range of beautifully designed gift cards that make perfect Christmas presents. You can select the amount you want to give and they are redeemable at all of our salons.

Whatever shape or length, we can create the perfect look to keep you looking polished into the New Year. Check out some of our festive holiday looks below...

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